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Chia XCH Wallet Dealer: An Essential Tool for Co-Farming Projects

2 min read
Chia XCH Wallet Dealer: An Essential Tool for Co-Farming Projects

Greetings to all blockchain enthusiasts and especially those involved in co-farming projects!

Today, I'm excited to introduce a new utility designed specifically to streamline the management of your Chia XCH co-farming rewards. Meet the Chia RPC XCH Wallet Dealer.

This project is particularly well-suited for co-farming scenarios where there's a need to distribute mined XCH among several participants. The tool fractionates and dispatches XCH from an existing, synced chia wallet to multiple wallet destinations, doing so in line with partition rules set in a configuration file. This enables you to define the precise distribution percentages for each participant, based on the agreed terms.

Please note that this tool is currently developed and tested exclusively with the official chia-blockchain project.

To start with this tool, go to the next github repository: and clone it!

In order to get started, you will need a wallet listening via RPC Protocol, built with a default installation, as well as the Python interpreter (3.x) installed on your system. It's recommended to use pipenv for installing all necessary library dependencies, which you can install with pip3 install pipenv.

The usage is straightforward. Install the environment with pipenv install, then enter the environment with pipenv shell. You can also execute xchdealer without entering the environment by using pipenv run python [params].

The configuration of the tool involves editing the config_example.yaml file to suit your needs. You can then simulate the transactions to display dealing results, check the configuration, or identify the id of the source wallet by running python -f config_example.yaml -m simulate. If you're happy with the simulated results, you can execute the real transactions by running python -f config_example.yaml -m execute.

But this is just the beginning. We are committed to making the Chia XCH Wallet Dealer even more versatile and user-friendly, and are thrilled to announce that we are currently working on introducing webhook support. This new feature will allow the tool to interface seamlessly with popular platforms like Telegram and Discord, providing real-time updates and notifications for a more convenient and controllable experience.

Stay tuned for this exciting update! We are confident that this upcoming feature will further cement the Chia XCH Wallet Dealer as an indispensable tool in the Chia co-farming world. Happy trading, and thank you for your continued support!