Tangem Wallet V2 - Discover the new version!

Discover the new version of Tangem Wallet: an innovative hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies that combines the robust security of a cold wallet with the agile convenience of a bank card. Explore its advanced features and get your questions answered in our detailed analysis.

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Tangem Wallet V2 - Discover the new version!


We are back! And today, we bring something extremely exciting for cryptocurrency enthusiasts 🚀. Just as we promised, we have stayed updated on the latest developments in the world of hardware wallets. Tangem Wallet has returned with a revamped version, and we are here to discover together what new surprises this version 2.0 brings!

In our last review, we unraveled the original version of Tangem Wallet, a physical wallet that already seemed quite innovative. Well, prepare your expectations, because Tangem has upped the ante with a series of updates and improvements.

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What's New?

  1. Seed Phrase Option: Tangem has incorporated a crucial feature: the seed phrase. This allows a more secure and versatile generation of private keys, and the option to import and export wallets with this technology, providing an additional layer of security and flexibility.
  2. Card Designs: The new designs are more elegant and sophisticated, opting for a matte black finish that radiates a sleek modernity. Aesthetics are also a priority, and Tangem knows it!

App Features:

  • The application has been renewed with a modern logo and a new color palette.
  • Now, it features a dark mode, facilitating its use in different lighting environments. In addition, the organization and display of tokens and balances have been improved, as well as the user interface for more intuitive and quick access to functionalities.
  1. Future Updates: Tangem has hinted that more features like market data, cross-chain exchange, and support for more blockchains are coming. We will stay alert!
  2. Commitment to the Community: A heartfelt thank you and promise to continue working hard to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and secure for everyone.

Our Opinion

Tangem Wallet v2 seems to have taken our feedback and that of the community seriously, bringing with it changes and enhancements that boost user experience and the level of security and functionality.

  • Added Value: The seed phrase option is a big step forward. It not only offers more control and security but also adaptability that allows users to manage their private keys in a more personalized way.
  • Aesthetics and Functionality: The new card designs and app updates, such as dark mode, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the user experience, making interaction more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Ongoing Commitment: We feel a strong dedication from Tangem to continue innovating and improving, ensuring a bright future and many more interesting updates and improvements.


The updated version of Tangem Wallet has impressed us, and we are excited to see how this wallet will continue to evolve. Their commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability to the changing needs of the crypto community is evident and commendable. We are expectant and attentive to discover the next innovations that Tangem will bring to the world of cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

Until the next review!

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