This Website

This website is created with the purpose of being an information hub for projects related to the new World Wide Web, namely, Web3.

Often, it is not easy to get started on topics related to technology, and it's no different in this new world that is coming right at us and will involve an evolutionary change in the way we use social and financial technology. Precisely for this reason, I have decided to create cripsis.xyz, an information portal and revelation of everything happening around blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and everything surrounding Web3 and its impact on the real world.

Articles will also be published with our own developments for various technologies and experiments for different blockchains, with practical examples so that anyone with basic knowledge can play and learn from them.

Website name

Crip (cryptocurrency) sis (systems).
Originally in spanish: Crip (criptomenda) sis (sistemas).

Additionally, in the animal world, cryptic (cripsis in spanish) coloration is a phenomenon by which an organism presents characteristics that make it go unnoticed by the senses of other animals, just as we should be and our way of interacting with technology; transparent.

Arctic hare camouflaged in the snow.


I have always been passionate about everything surrounding information technology. I have experience in both systems and development, specifically I have spent years working as a DevOps Engineer and more recently also oriented towards BigData, always using cutting-edge technologies.

In my free time, I am also experimenting and learning about the blockchain field, which I am convinced will be (and is being) a technological revolution that will gradually be brought to many traditional fields both in IT and in our daily life.

I write articles as a way to assimilate and capture everything I've learned, hoping to be able to transmit it in a simple way and open it to the world so that anyone who wants to can benefit from them.

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You can reach me through my LinkedIn: