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Cripsis - Tangem Wallet Contest 2023 - Chia NFT - FanFlicker NFT

Cripsis - Tangem Wallet Contest 2023 - Chia NFT - FanFlicker NFT

Crafted meticulously for the ardent followers of, each piece embodies the essence of our iconic logo, immortalized in the blockchain universe. More than just digital assets, these NFTs represent the unwavering bond and appreciation between and its dedicated fanbase. Owning a FanFlicker NFT is not just about possession, but a statement – a testament to being part of a pioneering digital journey. Join us, as we celebrate our shared vision and passion, one pixel at a time.

The NFT will grant you exclusive content access and early admission to future developments on

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1. Read the contest rules

Contest Rules

Legal Terms of the "Purchase Tangem and Receive an NFT with" Contest

Identification of the Organizer:
The "Purchase Tangem and Receive an NFT" contest is an initiative promoted and organized by Tangem has no relation or responsibility with the administration or management of this contest.

Purpose of the Contest:
Aiming to reward the loyalty and trust of our customers, launches this promotion where, upon purchasing a Tangem card using the promotional code CRIPSIS-XYZ, the participant will not only enjoy a direct 15% discount provided by Tangem but will also receive an exclusive NFT from

Participation Period:
The promotion will be in effect from September, 03, 2023 to December 31, 2023, or until all 260 available NFTs have been claimed, whichever comes first.

Participation Mechanics:

  1. Follow the official @cripsisxyz Twitter account.
  2. Retweet the specific contest tweet with the identifier XXXX from the @cripsisxyz account.
  3. Visit Tangem's official store.
  4. Select the Tangem card of your preference.
  5. Enter the CRIPSIS-XYZ code during the purchase process.
  6. Receive an automatic 15% discount and qualify to receive your NFT.

There will be two buttons provided for the Twitter actions (following the account and retweeting the specific tweet).

The first 260 participants who complete their purchase under the mentioned conditions will receive an NFT selected from a special collection designed exclusively for this promotion (FanFlicker).

Prize Delivery:
Once the purchase is confirmed, the NFT will be sent to the cryptocurrency wallet address provided by the participant within a maximum period of 10 days.

Restrictions and Limitations:

  • Each participant may enter only once.
  • Only individuals over the age of 18 may participate.
  • NFTs cannot be exchanged for their monetary value or other goods or services.
  • The promotion is limited to the availability of 260 NFTs.
  • Participants who do not follow the @cripsisxyz Twitter account or who do not retweet the specific contest tweet will be disqualified.

Personal Data:
Participation in the promotion implies consent for the use of personal information for the exclusive purposes of the contest. commits not to share this information with third parties or use it for commercial purposes without the explicit permission of the participant.

Liability Waiver:
By participating, users release Tangem from any responsibility arising from the contest, acknowledging that any inquiries, claims, or clarifications related to the contest should be directed exclusively to

Modifications: reserves the right to make changes to the contest if deemed necessary for its improvement or correction.

Acceptance of Terms:
Participating in the contest implies knowledge and total acceptance of these terms.

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3. Follow + Retweet

4. Fill the form

All data will be verified before transferring the NFT.
All invalid subscriptions will be discarded.

5. Wait a maximum of 10 days to receive it! ;)


How do I find my order number?

When you have successfully placed an order on the website, you will receive an email notification that contains all of the order details such as the order number, item, quantity, etc. The order number can be found in the email.

Where is the collection offered?

Explore it on!